Monday, August 24, 2009

My Double Disappointment in America's Eating Habits

Is it the return of Atkins, or something even more diabolical? says KFC is creating a bacon sandwich which ditches the bun in favor or two fried chicken breasts. It called the Double Down.
KFC double down

Is that "double down" as in the type of bet you'll have to place in Vegas to win enough money to pay for dad's triple bypass? Is it a measure of how depressed you'll feel after gaining 80 pounds and losing your girlfriend? Not just down ... double.

Is this a hoax? Possibly, but if so, bravo on not only the quality of the food shot and studio lighting, but also taking it guerilla artiste by using a low-grade video phone to record the real-as-you-believe-it-to-be commercial as if a teenager was witnessing a tiger clearing the fence at the zoo (the teenager in this scenario was later devoured -- and we all know that teenagers are the only thing on the planet less healthful than the KFC Double Down).

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