Monday, March 9, 2009

My 5 Things I Love (and You Don't)

My friends all know I'm an aventurous eater, but they still turn cock-eyed at me when I give in to some of my most base cravings. Enjoy reading the list (because you probably don't enjoy eating the items on it).

1. White Chocolate

I'm tired of the debate and the outcry. It CAN be called chocolate, because it's made from the oils of the cocoa bean. It is NOT chalky -- you've just had the cheap stuff. The best white chocolate should be buttery, smooth, slightly vanilla-y, and melt as it sits on your tongue.

2. Black Licorice
Or liquorice. Or anise. Or fennel. It's zingy, refreshing, and one of the things I remember sharing with my grandma. I am the sole reason movie theaters still stock Good & Plenty. Slice some fennel bulb thinly for a great addition to salads. If you're a tea drinker, Yogi Tea makes an outstanding Egyptian Licorice herbal that has calmed me through many a workday fiasco.

3. Peeps
Not to follow one sweet with another ... but I am. Easter is more to me than candy or eggs, but I still can't get let the day go by without one or two of those fluffy yellow marshmallow chicks. My mom still makes me an Easter basket every year, and they're always on top. That being said, the glucose index of these lil' guys is so off the charts, after those few bites, I'm set for another year. I'm decidedly in favor of fresh peeps, and do not support the Halloween, Christmas or other non-Easter peeps.

4. White Zinfandel
Ok. Not often. And not around dudes. But still, on a hot summer day, you can't beat a great, cool blush wine with a salad, barbecue, or even a spicy fish taco. Do yourself a favor, and at least go to the Beringer level.

5. Stinky Cheese
Finally, something on my list that isn't sweet. It took me a while to appreciate a good blue, but now I can't get enough. Gorgonzola is best. A nice Roquefort or Stilton will also do nicely with some dried cherries. And because I can't resist adding a little sugar, pair Sauternes with a good salty sharp blue, and you have an amazing dessert course. Check out this soft, creamy St. Auger (great with honey):

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Leah said...

I highly recommend microwaving or bbq'ing peeps. They turn green and scream for their tacky little lives.