Friday, September 21, 2007

My Law of Kitchen Scavenging

The first law of office kitchens is that any catered food left on the counter is up for grabs for anyone who comes by. You just have to leave a little for those who come after you

(a) unless there is such a small amount left that it makes no sense to split
(b) unless it's late enough in the evening that most people have gone home

For natural-born scavengers like myself, this is one of the few benefits of working in a hive environment.

Today's freebie (and the best one in quite a while): California Pizza Kitchen.

On the menu, and on my plate, is the following:

  • shrimp summer roll (SOOOOOoooo fishy -- urp)
  • rigatoni in marinara (barely passable)
  • taco pizza (better in concept than in practice)
  • coleslaw (very fresh -- I don't usually do coleslaw, but ... it was FREE!)
  • Caesar salad (unremarkable, but the croutons had rye seeds -- yum!)
  • Asian chicken salad (a meal unto itself, and surprisingly good)

I wouldn't go to CPK with my own money when there are so many other unique spots in LA, but still, they didn't do too badly.

The great thing about the Asian salad is they laced it with chopped basil.

Take it from someone who's had basil ice cream and basil cocktails: Basil makes everything good.


don marcos y doña vanessa said...

Stellar bloggy.

Is this Drew? Thank you for your perspicacious comments on our blog.

Way to keep a mysterious profile!

Vanessa said...

Who is this??

Lydia said...

People should read this.